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Group home worker charged with sexual assault in New Jersey


A group home worker is facing serious allegations this week. The man was arrested after being accused of sexual assault of an autistic woman at a group home in New Jersey. Police say the man turned himself in and he was arrested and charged with first degree aggravated sexual assault. The man was a staff member at the group home where the incident allegedly occurred.

When someone is accused of a crime, especially one that relates directly to their employment, it might be wise to speak with a criminal defense attorney. A crime such as sexual assault can have very severe consequences if a person is convicted. While it is important in cases like this to be sensitive to the reported victim, it is also important that a person accused of a crime has a chance to defend themselves through fair court proceedings.

Sometimes people see these stories in new reports and they automatically assume a person is guilty. These new articles are usually written without the point of view of the person that is accused, and rely mainly on a police report for their information. This highlights the importance of remembering that the criminal justice system works in a way where all people are supposed to be presumed innocent until proven otherwise.

When someone is accused of a crime, a criminal defense attorney can explain their rights. A sex crime in New Jersey can have devastating effects on a person's career, highlighting the importance of a rigorous defense. If someone is convicted of a sex crime, they may have to register as a sexual offender in many states and may not be able to find employment.

Source: The Messenger-Gazette, "Somerset man charged with sexually assaulting autistic woman while on staff at group home," July 19, 2012

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