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New Jersey racketeering trial comes to close with guilty plea


In our previous post, we discussed the penalties that can result from charges of white collar crimes. A conviction for charges that range from credit card fraud to embezzlement can land an individual in jail for a long time.

Just recently, a New Jersey man who was already serving time in prison for another criminal conviction pled guilty to charges of racketeering and conspiracy. The man was a prominent and powerful figure in a New Jersey street gang and was charged with extortion, racketeering, and bribery - to name a few - in violation of a federal anti-racketeering act.

It appears that while the man was in prison, he communicated with members of his gang who were on the outside, directing them to carry out orders that included drug trafficking and physical violence. He also worked with another man within the prison who conspired to violate RICO.

The New Jersey man was not the only individual who was named in the charges. There were 14 others who were accused of being a part of the racketeering conspiracy. Though some have already pled guilty, a number of those individuals are likely still waiting for their court appearance or have whereabouts that are currently unknown.

These types of charges can land a person in prison for a maximum of 20 years. But because the man pled guilty, he will likely get a lesser sentence. Though he may still serve a 13-year prison sentence, it is still several years less than what he could have received.

Source: The Star-Ledger: "Alleged Bloods leader pleads guilty to racketeering charge,"Jason Grant, Aug. 9, 2011.

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