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Fugitive arrested in New Jersey restaurant on serious drug charge


A restaurant in New Jersey was the scene of an arrest after U.S. marshals apprehended a man suspected of drug trafficking and distribution. The marshals had been searching for the man for more than three years after he was indicted for operating a drug trafficking ring in 2008.

Being charged with a drug crime can lead to a number of different consequences. Penalties can often include a prison sentence and years of probation, depending on the specific crime. Even a misdemeanor conviction can have an impact on one's future by making it difficult to find a job. But these consequences can only be further aggravated if the individual being charged runs from the police.

The man mentioned above had been initially indicted alongside his brother. They allegedly purchased the drugs from a supplier in Nevada and then brought it to Pennsylvania. There they would contact their customers and distribute the drugs accordingly.

It is unclear how law enforcement began their investigation. But after arresting the man's brother, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration could not find the man and declared him a fugitive. Over the next three years, the U.S. marshals searched for him; their search ultimately led them to the New Jersey restaurant.

While the man is awaiting his court appearance, he may be wondering what types of penalties he could face if convicted of the charges. His brother, who had been sentenced three years ago for the same charges, is currently serving a 16-year prison sentence. His fate may be more severe than that since he has been on the run for the past three years.

Source: Brick Patch online, "3-Year Hunt for Suspected Drug Kingpin Ends in Brick Restaurant," Daniel Nee, 21 June 2011

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