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New Jersey officials see spike in child abuse hotline calls


When a person is in the public eye, allegations of sex crimes can become more magnified. It can create a sense of alarm within the community, often leaving the accused person guilty in the minds of many.

But in some instances, these types of allegations are eventually found to be unsubstantiated and the charges of sexual assault or sexual abuse are dropped. Even when this occurs, the damage to the individual's personal and professional life has already been done.

Hopefully this is not the case in the most recent sex abuse scandal that occurred at Penn State. Many people are somewhat familiar with the sexual abuse charges that have been filed against the former football coach at Penn State. Now two more additional allegations have been made against him.

The recent scandal raised concern among citizens about alleged sexual abuse. Now authorities in several states including New Jersey have seen a drastic increase in the number of calls to child abuse hotlines. New Jersey officials report that the number of calls has increased at least 40 percent since the allegations against the football coach went public.

Whether the accusations have any merit is something that will be determined in court. However the recent influx of hotline calls could have negative consequences for those who are being accused of sexual abuse or assault.

Wrongful accusations can often leave people dealing with a damaged reputation. Even if charges are dropped and their name is cleared, those in the community may always associate that individual with sexual abuse. Those who find themselves being charged with sex crimes should speak with a criminal defense attorney. This can help protect a person's rights and reputation.

Source: NewJerseyNewsRoom, "Since Jerry Sandusky, Penn State scandal, child abuse hotlines are lighting up," Bob Holt, Nov. 25, 2011

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