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New Jersey man faces DUI charge after driving off exit ramp


A driver can face drunk driving charges even if no one else was involved in an accident. And as we've seen in many previous posts, the penalties for a drunk driving conviction can impact a person personally, financially and professionally.

Being charged with drunk driving can be overwhelming for most drivers. One New Jersey man may need to speak with someone who can help him protect his rights. Yesterday he was charged with DUI after driving his vehicle off an exit ramp. Police believe he was under the influence of alcohol at the time.

It was in the early hours of the morning that the incident occurred. From what New Jersey State Police could tell, the man had been driving onto an exit ramp and somehow drove off the side of the road. They found him approximately 75 feet away from the exit ramp in a patch of trees.

Emergency responders came to his aid and transported him to a nearby medical center where he was treated for several injuries. A blood test was likely performed at the hospital to determine whether there was any alcohol or other substance in his system. According to the test results, there was alcohol in his blood.

As NJSP continue to piece together the incident, they have made it clear that the man had been driving alone; no other individuals were injured. But despite that fact, the man is still being charged with drunk driving. If he is convicted, he may lose his driving privileges for up to a year.

Source: The Jersey Journal: "49-year-old man charged with DUI after flipping his SUV 75 feet into trees off N.J. Turnkpike in Kearny: cops," Adam Maher, Oct. 20, 2011

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