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Man living in New Jersey arrested by FBI for sex crimes


When federal agents begin investigating charges of sex crimes, the pursuit can take weeks and even months. Often agents will pursue suspects across state lines in order to eventually make an arrest. For the suspect being pursued, allegations of committing a sex crime can significantly impact life as they know it.

The more public accusations are made, the greater the damage to one's reputation. For one man, allegations of sex crimes were made public on a television show. Just this week he was arrested in New Jersey by federal agents who had been following him for months.

According to the news article, the man appeared on the FBI's radar when he was suspected of sex trafficking and child pornography. At the beginning of this year, the FBI filed official charges against him and began to search for him. With no luck, the man was featured on the television show so that millions of Americans across the country could watch out for him.

It is unclear how the federal agents were made aware of the man's life in New Jersey. The man had been in the south, but was believed to have connections in New Jersey. That is where they found him and arrested him.

What sort of sentence is awaiting him if he is convicted of the criminal charges? Legal sanctions could include registration on a sex offender registry and a prison sentence. Additional consequences could include difficulty finding a job in the future or getting to choose where he lives.

Like this man, those who are arrested on suspicion of committing a sex crime will find themselves in a serious situation. If this occurs, it is wise to speak with someone who can help an accused individual protect their rights and establish a defense.

Source: Reuters: "Police nab 'America's Most Wanted' fugitive in New Jersey," Tim Gaynor, Aug. 31, 2011

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