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Former New Jersey railway executive accused of fraud


Many executive level employees deal with large sums of money at companies all over the world, everyday. Occasionally, these executives are accused of crimes involving money and fraud. These accusations generally become public knowledge very quickly, and can ruin a person's reputation before they even have the chance to a fair trial.

Two people have been indicted on fraud charges by the state of New Jersey this week, after allegedly receiving grant money from the state, but not using the money appropriately. These allegations could have consequences for the men's future business dealings even if they are found innocent. When someone is accused of a crime that ends up making headlines it is important to formulate a solid criminal defense quickly.

When a person is accused of a crime, many people assume by the news story that they must be guilty. This person should still have a chance at a fair trial, and prosecutors and investigators must treat that person with respect and not violate their rights.

A criminal defense attorney can help those accused of crimes, including those facing fraud charges in New Jersey, formulate a defense and work to protect their reputation. An attorney can look into the evidence that might be presented and make sure that all points of the investigation were conducted lawfully. Any unlawfully gathered evidence might not be admissible in court. This could lead to reduced charges or charges being dropped depending on the case. It is important to understand your rights before speaking with authorities if you are being investigated for a possible crime.

Source: The Record, "Former head of N.J. freight railway company indicted in defrauding state," Christopher Baxter, April 11, 2012

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