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New Jersey Governor wants rehab for those convicted of drug crimes


Many times, people convicted of drug crimes are just convicted of the crime of possessing or buying a certain drug. This means they are non-violent offenders. These non-violent people often take up a large percentage of the jails throughout the country, and don't end up getting the help they truly need to stop repeating an offense, while in jail.

Those who do commit drug crimes might benefit from a new proposal by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. The Governor has suggested that those who are convicted of drug crimes be mandated to go through rehabilitation instead of serving time in a state prison. This would help people who are not able to stop using drugs and hopefully prevent them from getting into further legal trouble. Regardless of whether the proposal is financially or morally motivated, it could be a good thing for those facing drug crimes.

Drug crimes are serious offenses, and should never be taken lightly. Since this proposal has yet to gain momentum toward becoming law, drug charges could still result in significant jail time and expensive fines. By working toward allowing offenders to serve a sentence through rehabilitation in the future, many people will benefits

Because of the severity of drug crimes in New Jersey, it might be wise to seek the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney. An attorney can help make sure your rights are preserved throughout the legal process. A good attorney will make sure you are treated with respect and that prosecutors and investigators don't try to get you to say something that would incriminate yourself.

Source:, "Christie: Mandatory rehab for non-violent offenders would save NJ money," Megan Demarco, Jan. 26, 2012

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