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New Jersey equipment rental company owner charged with fraud


A Bergen County business owner is being accused of fraud. The 75-year-old New Jersey man has been charged with fraud for allegedly taking deposits from customers for equipment rental orders and then never delivering the equipment. These accusations should be taken very seriously. Accusations of a person's business and accusing a man that has been doing business for a long time can have devastating effects to his reputation.

The man was arrested last week and has been charged with 30 counts of theft by deception and one count of misconduct by a corporate official. The man will likely need to build a solid legal defense. It might be possible that the man and the customer's had a misunderstanding regarding timelines and delivery expectations.

An attorney can help him investigate why the items may have not been delivered. Everyone is entitled to a fair trial; unfortunately media exposure sometimes makes a completely fair trial difficult.

The charges against the man allege large amounts of money were taken, but orders to places including customers even in New York were never delivered. After analyzing the man's financial records, the White Collar Crimes Squad found that the man allegedly received deposits for as much as $20,000 without delivering anything. The man was scheduled to appear in court this week.

A good New Jersey fraud charges defense attorney should be able to help a person charged with fraud develop a solid legal case. The attorney may conduct their own investigation and work hard to preserve the man's reputation and keep cases out of the media spotlight.

Source:, "Ridgefield business owner charged with fraud, following news investigation," S.P. Sullivan, Jan. 9, 2012

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