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New Jersey man arrested, accused of pizzeria fraud


A man accused of enticing an investor for money to open a pizzeria was arrested last week. The man was charged with fraud after investigators say the man took $1.2 million to invest in starting a New Jersey pizzeria, but used the money for other things instead. Authorities say the man used the money to by luxury goods and gamble. These serious accusations could lead to a long prison sentence and large fines if the man is convicted.

The severity of the crime is one reason to formulate a rigorous criminal defense. However, because New Jersey fraud crimes can also ruin a person's business reputation, a person in a similar situation would be wise to speak with a criminal defense attorney. When someone is in a business management career, a fraud charge could make it very difficult to find employment in the future.

Many times fraud charges come after authorities say they have done an extensive investigation. It is important for people who are accused of a crime to understand how the investigation was conducted and what evidence might be presented against them. An attorney who has experience handling New Jersey fraud cases can conduct an independent investigation and review the evidence to make sure the accuse person's rights were not violated.

Sometimes during lengthy investigations, evidence can be mishandled or details are missed by authorities. If evidence is mishandled, it could result in a wrongful conviction, so it is important to make sure a person's rights are protected. Understanding the legal process can help a person fight charges and protect their reputation.

Source: Associated Press, "NJ man accused of running pizzeria scam," July 13, 2012

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