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New Jersey driver accused of swallowing cocaine, arrested on drug charges


Police are accusing a man of swallowing drugs during a traffic stop. The New Jersey driver reportedly swallowed cocaine after being pulled over for a moving violation, and he is now facing criminal charges. Many times people facing drug charges could spend time in jail and a fine if they are convicted.

The man is charged with tampering with evidence and possession of a controlled dangerous substance according to reports. Since there are two charges, he could face an extended amount of time in jail. When someone is faced with a drug crime, they might be wise to speak with an attorney.

The consequences of being convicted of a drug crime might prevent a person from finding gainful employment or housing. These are very important things to help those facing drug crimes stay away from potentially unlawful behavior. If a person is convicted an attorney can help appeal the conviction.

If police mishandled the situation, they may have influenced a person's case and led to a wrongful conviction. Because police have to follow procedures and evidence must be obtained legally, it is important that everyone understands their rights if they are ever arrested. Speaking with an attorney before talking with investigators is every person's right. They can make sure that all parts of any investigation are done legally. An illegal search of a person or property could yield evidence that might lead to a conviction. If any rights of the accused are violated, an attorney could try to have the case or some charges dismissed or reduced.

Source: The Jersey Journal, "Charge: Driver downed cocaine," Rafal Rogoza, June 5, 2012

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