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5 arrested for alleged student-teacher sexual contact


Sometimes, allegations can ruin a person's reputation. When allegations are regarding a person's direct job role, their employment might be put at risk as well as their reputation. Three teachers in New Jersey were recently arrested for various allegations of sexual conduct with students. Two administrators in the same school district were also arrested for allegedly allowing the situation to be covered up.

According to reports, the three teachers took a trip with the alleged victims, and the two administrators were told about the incident by another student. The administrators allegedly didn't report the situation to authorities and have been charges with official misconduct.

It is important that people who are arrested for sexual related crimes understand their rights. Sometime investigators will question the accused people and try to get them to give information. This information could then be used against them in court. When there are multiple people arrested for similar allegations, they might be used against each other in court. It is important that people understand the legal process when facing criminal charges.

That is why it might be wise for someone who is arrested for a sex crime to speak with an experienced New Jersey criminal defense attorney. They can help make sure the person who is arrested understands their rights. By working to form a rigorous criminal defense, an attorney can help protect the accused person's reputation and in some cases protect their job.

Source: New York Daily News, "3 teachers, 2 administrators arrested in student-teacher sex scandal at New Jersey high school," Charlie Wells, Oct. 5, 2012

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