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Drunk driving prevention funding might increase arrests in New Jersey


Many times, drunk driving prevention campaigns are implemented when a government law enforcement body receives extra funding to help them specifically target drivers who might be intoxicated. These campaigns often include increased traffic stops and police specifically trying to increase the number of people that they arrest and charge with drunk driving.

Recent funding that has been awarded in the form of a grant to the New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety will allow for nearly $3 million in spending to help patrol for drunk drivers across the state. This might lead to some people being falsely accused and arrested for drunk driving. Cops may pull someone over for a burned out taillight but then accuse them of driving under the influence.

When someone is pulled over for drunk driving, police will ask them to step out of the vehicle and perform balance and coordination tests that might not accurately determine if they are capable of safely driving a vehicle. They might also ask the person questions that they aren't sure that they have to answer. This could lead to a wrongful conviction. Being convicted of drunk driving can hurt a person's reputation and put their job at risk, especially if they depend on their license to work.

Speaking with an experienced criminal defense attorney might be a wise decision if someone is accused of drunk driving in New Jersey. They can help a person understand their rights, evaluate the evidence against them, and form a rigorous criminal defense to help them through the legal process.

Source: New Jersey 101.5, "$5 Million Targets Drunk Driving Prevention in New Jersey," Kelly Waldron, Oct. 3, 2012

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