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New Jersey authorities arrest dozens on drug allegations


Police released the names of 49 people this week that they believe were part of almost daily drug deals. The prosecutor in the case said that many of the people would travel to different parts of the state to get drugs, mainly heroin, on an almost daily basis. The authorities accuse some of possibly selling the drugs to others and some of just using the drugs. The arrests happened over a 10 month period, in an operation called "Operation Day Tripper."

They say during the arrests they collected 3,000 bags of heroin and even found raw heroin smuggled into the country in baby food containers. When a person is accused of a New Jersey drug crime along with other people, it is important that their evidence and charges are thought of separately from other people. Sometimes authorities try to group people together, but the circumstances and evidence in their case might be completely different.

Speaking with an experienced criminal defense attorney might be a wise decision for anyone accused of a drug crime. New Jersey drug crimes can not only ruin a person's reputation, but they can also cost a person their job, influence their ability to seek housing in the future and possibly result in child custody complications.

A defense attorney can help a person evaluate what evidence might be used against the person and make sure that their rights weren't violated during any arrest or investigation. Police need to respect a person's rights, and investigators must properly handle evidence in a case.

Source: WPVI, "Dozens arrested in New Jersey drug investigation," April 22, 2013

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