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Police stop New Jersey driver, charge him with drug possession


Police recently arrested a 23-year-old New Jersey resident after allegedly finding cocaine in his car. Police claim they initially pulled him over after noticing the man's car was changing lanes without displaying a proper turn signal.

After stopping the car, the troopers purportedly smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle, and claim that the suspect and his passenger admitted to police that they had been smoking marijuana prior to being pulled over. Police searched the car and allegedly found a bag containing over half a pound of cocaine in the vehicle's trunk.

Police charged the driver with possession with the intent to deliver a controlled substance and possession of a controlled substance. He was released after posting a $25,001 bail.

In New Jersey, defendants accused of drug-related crimes like these may have a hard time arguing their innocence. A drug charge carries a stigma which can severely damage a person's reputation and may affect a person's employment. If convicted, a person charged with a drug crime may be subjected to a long prison sentence and thousands of dollars in fines.

However, police allegations of recovering drugs in a person's vehicle do not prove that the defendant owns the controlled substance. Nevertheless, the police have the right to file charges against a person for possession, and suspicion of manufacturing or distribution illegal drugs. In this case, the amount of cocaine was supposedly substantial, which can result in more serious charges being pressed.

There are several ways to contest drug charges. However, without ample knowledge of the law, taking the defense stand in a criminal litigation can be daunting. A legal professional can assist defendants facing charges like these.

Source: Delaware Online, "Police: Cocaine Found in Trunk of Car, Driver Arrested," December 9, 2013

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