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Suspended license leads to man being charged with a DWI


Technology is changing at a rapid pace and many New Jersey residents do their best to stay on top of the latest phones, music players and other gadgets available. As consumers gain access to better technology so too do members of local law enforcement and other government groups. Sometimes the technological resources available to those police departments can lead officers to make criminal arrests unrelated to their initial suspicions.

While on patrol a New Jersey police officer entered the registration number of a vehicle into his car's computer system and from it learned that the owner of the registered car had a suspended license. Through his computer he was also able to gain a description of the owner and from that description was able to positively match the driver. The officer pursued the vehicle and made a traffic stop.

Upon approaching the driver's window the police officer claimed that the driver appeared intoxicated and as a result subjected him to roadside tests for sobriety. After the tests the driver was arrested for drunk driving and other charges.

Without the car's computer it is possible that the officer would not have been able to make the traffic stop which suggests that technology is making it easier for police to track down individuals committing driving violations. While this driver was charged with a DWI based on his appearance and actions, he may not have been stopped but for the ability of the officer to look up the car's registration in the police vehicle.

Just as technology is getting more complicated, so too are the drunk driving cases that many New Jersey residents find themselves preparing for after DUI and DWI arrests. No one should have to face a drunk driving trial alone and lawyers experienced in DUI defense are available to assist such individuals with their legal needs.

Source:, "Ledgewood man charged with drunken driving," Dec. 2, 2013

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