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Cowboys player indicted after deadly drunk driving accident


If a driver is involved in a car accident in New Jersey, then the driver may face criminal charges. This is especially true if such a driver is suspected of drinking and driving and in particular if someone is injured or dies as a result of the accident.

This is the case for Dallas Cowboys' nose tackle Josh Brent. He was involved in a car accident in early December when according to police reports, Brent was driving drunk and speeding just prior to the crash.

Brent was recently indicted by a grand jury on charges stemming from the fatal car accident in which his friend, and a Cowboys' practice squad member, died.

Allegedly, it was the excessive speed of the vehicle, along with the alcohol in Brent's blood system that contributed to this deadly crash. According to reports, while speeding, Brent's car struck a curb and then flipped. His passenger and friend did not survive.

Now Brent is facing very serious charges. The charges he is facing actually carry with them a maximum sentence of 20 years behind bars. This means that not only is Brent's football career in jeopardy, but his very freedom is as well.

Hopefully Brent will have an experienced criminal defense attorney. Sometimes working with an aggressive attorney who is knowledgeable in this field can result in the accused facing lesser charges, along with less severe consequences. In fact, there may be various techniques that can be employed so that Brent can avoid jail time and continue on with his football career.

Source: ESPN, "Cowboys' Josh Brent indicted," Associated Press, Dec. 27, 2012

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