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New Jersey woman charged with embezzlement enters special program


A New Jersey woman was arrested on May 30th for alleged embezzlement of $11,404 from a New Jersey fire department. It is claimed that the woman's position with the fire department involved the booking of hotel rooms for a firefighter' convention. However, she was accused of pocketing any excess money rather than refunding it to members.

The woman has since apparently entered what is called a pre-trial intervention program, and she has also reportedly paid back the money she supposedly owed. This intervention program apparently can be entered without any admission of guilt and is looked upon as a form of probation by New Jersey courts.

It will ultimately be up to the courts to determine whether the entrance of this sort of program will result in a lesser sentence for the woman. However, it does demonstrate that there are alternate means for dealing with individuals accused of a crime rather than incarceration. Also, whatever the actual circumstances of this matter may be, the fact that the woman has entered this program and paid back what was allegedly owed demonstrates that she is attempting to be cooperative.

Sometimes individuals do make mistakes and are arrested for white collar crimes like embezzlement. When individuals are willing to make restitution and appear contrite for what occurred plea deals can sometimes be made with prosecuting attorneys and the courts. Still, it's always useful to get the input of an experienced criminal defense attorney whenever such plea deals take place.

Criminal defense lawyers can provide individuals facing conviction their various options and rights in light of the charges. And in certain circumstances a plea deal may not be worthwhile and any criminal charges should be fought.

Source: Madison Eagle, "Madison woman charged with embezzlement accepted into PTI program," July 11, 2013

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