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Man accused of drunk driving, hit and run accident in New Jersey


A man was arrested last week after police say he was the subject of a hit and run accident. According to a report, police investigated an accident in which residents in Sparta told police that a man hit a rock wall with his vehicle and fled the scene of the accident. While no one was injured in the accident, the man is still facing very serious charges.

Police say they concluded their investigation and the man will now face charges in New Jersey of driving while intoxicated, careless driving, failure to keep right, leaving the scene of an accident and failure to report an accident. These charges are numerous and could greatly increase the person's penalty if he is convicted of all or multiple charges.

Speaking with an experienced criminal defense attorney in New Jersey can help a person who is accused of one or multiple crimes understand their rights. They can help the person conduct an independent investigation into the allegations they are facing and work to form a rigorous defense. Sometimes people are accused of multiple charges because a prosecutor wants to try to get a conviction on at least one of the charges for the same alleged crime.

Understanding one's rights is one of the most important things a person can try to do after an arrest. Speaking with an attorney before talking with authorities can help a person preserve their rights and might help them in their defense. If a person is convicted an attorney can help them appeal.

Source: New Jersey Herald, "Sparta man arrested in hit and run," June 15, 2013

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