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Woman arrested for tax fraud in New Jersey, husband indicted


A couple in New Jersey were indicted late last week on charges of conspiracy to defraud the United States and six counts of assisting in the preparation of fraudulent tax returns. The two were tax preparers, but only one of them was arrested. According to reports, the two are accused of trying to get clients larger tax returns, in turn, increasing their profits.

These charges are especially serious, because often times white collar criminal charges not only can lead to prison time and fines, but they can damage the reputation of a person and their business.

Authorities allege in this case that the couple's tax preparations resulted in nearly $400,000 in tax losses. Speaking with an experienced criminal defense attorney when charges might be filed can be a wise decision. In this case an indictment was handed down, but only one of them the accused people was arrested.

If someone believes that they might be arrested, speaking with an experienced attorney can help the person understand what they should do if they are arrested. When authorities try to question a person about allegations, an attorney can help make sure they don't incriminate themselves through certain statements.

Sometimes people believe that white collar crime allegations such as fraud won't result in prison time. They are often associated with elite bankers and business executives. However, even people who don't work in positions of great authority can be accused of fraud. If someone is convicted, they might be able to appeal the decision in hopes of it being overturned or a sentence reduced.

Source: NJTODAY.NET, "Union Tax Preparer Arrested For Tax Fraud," June 24, 2013

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