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Man accused of drunk driving after crash, fire


A man was arrested after a crash that resulted in a fire. Police accused the man of drunk driving in New Jersey before crashing into a tractor-trailer. The truck was parked on the side of a highway, but it isn't clear why. The man was taken to the hospital where police say he was treated for minor injuries and underwent blood alcohol testing.

When people are arrested, it is important that they understand their rights. In a situation where there is an accident on top of an arrest, the issues surrounding an accident could be confusing to everyone involved. Sometimes people are arrested without real evidence that they did anything wrong. If they say or do anything in front of police or investigators after their arrest it might be used to seek a conviction at trial.

Speaking with an experienced criminal defense attorney in New Jersey might be a wise decision for those facing charges. Even if a person isn't formally charged with a crime but has been placed under arrest, they might be wise to speak with an attorney. An attorney can help the person understand their rights and help prevent the person from incriminating themselves or having their rights violated.

When a person is accused of unlawful activity that results in damage or injuries to another person, as in this case, the charges the person might face could have harsher consequences if they are convicted. It is important that all authorities in a criminal case stay within their boundaries to prevent a wrongful conviction.

Source: Patch, "Drunk Driver Behind Wheel in Car Fire Crash, Cops Say," Jessica Mazzola, March 4, 2013

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