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11 people charged with identity theft crimes in New Jersey


Since sometime last year, investigators have allegedly been tracking an elaborate identity theft ring involving people signing up for department store credit cards under different names and using them to purchase items. A prosecutor in New Jersey is now accusing 11 people of participating in the alleged identity theft ring, and they were all recently arrested.

A report on the arrests says that the people are accused of being authorized signers on credit cards that were set up using stolen identities. The woman who is accused of setting up the cards allegedly go the information from a man who worked at a records storage business that kept records for a bank.

These accusations are extremely serious. If a person works in the financial industry, such accusations could result in immediate consequences at a person's job. Those who are accused of a crime might be wise to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney in New Jersey. They can help a person understand their rights and work to form a rigorous defense.

In cases such as this one, multiple law enforcement agencies collaborate, and many people might be arrested. This can lead to confusion between agencies, potentially resulting in inaccurate information or evidence being mishandled. When a person is arrested, they might be asked questions by authorities. These questions can sometimes be framed in a way that an answer would provide more evidence to authorities. Speaking with an attorney before answering questions by police or investigators might be a wise decision.

Source:, "Police arrest 11 alleged member of Paterson-based identity theft ring," Dan Ivers, May 3, 2013

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