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Man charged with DUI allegedly caused multiple NJ accidents


A man from another state was recently charged with drunk driving and other traffic violations after reportedly hitting multiple objects, including a light pole and a street sign. When someone is accused of driving drunk, they might face serious charges and not understand all of their rights.

After a person is arrested, police might try to ask them questions regarding certain incidents and try to gather evidence. Sometimes this evidence might include statements made by the person who is being accused. Speaking with a New Jersey criminal defense attorney before speaking with police might be a wise decision. They can advise a person of what to do if they are being questioned or asked to perform certain tests.

Even if a person is charged with driving drunk for the first time, they are still at risk for losing their license in New Jersey, and they might not be able to get exceptions to drive for certain purposes. If a person can't drive, they might be at risk of losing their job or experiencing other difficult situations, such as missing out on activities with family if they can't drive.

When someone is accused of causing an accident while driving under the influence, they might face more severe charges and stiffer penalties if they are convicted. An attorney can help a person form a rigorous criminal defense, which can be crucial to helping preserve a person's reputation. A possible mistake or misunderstanding by police shouldn't mean a person has to risk their job or miss out on events with family and friends.

Source:, "Drunk Yakima man leaves trail of damage in New Jersey," Associated Press, Nov. 3, 2013

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