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Man accused of drunk driving in fatal New Jersey crash


A man from New Jersey is facing very severe charges after an alleged drunk driving accident that resulted in the death of a firefighter who assisted in rescue efforts after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Because of the fatality in this accident, a lot of media attention is being given to the case.

In cases involving deaths or severe injuries, it is important for a person to be sensitive to any potential victims. However, it is equally important for people to understand their rights if they are accused of a crime. When another person is killed, charges a person might face could be severe.

People who are accused of drunk driving could face loss of their driver's license among many other potential penalties. However, when someone dies in an accident, a person accused of causing the accident could face additional charges. These charges could result in a lengthy jail or prison sentence.

A New Jersey criminal defense attorney can help a person understand the charges they might be facing and work to develop a rigorous criminal defense. This defense might include evaluating evidence that might be used against the person in court and defending against accusations made with that evidence. Many times people don't understand the legal process, and might say or do things that could put their case in jeopardy. Speaking with an experienced attorney can help ensure a person doesn't say or do things that could harm their ability to defend themselves. This can ensure a person's reputation is protected, as well.

Source: NY1, "City Firefighter Killed After Colliding With Allegedly Drunk Driver in NJ," Oct. 12, 2013

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