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Man handed various marijuana-related charges


On April 2, a man in New Jersey was handed several drug charges involving substances suspected of being marijuana, cocaine and hashish. When he made his first court appearance on April 6, the 51-year-old Jersey City man was offered the option of posting $200,000 bail. A video link allowed the man to appear at Central Judicial Processing Court in Jersey City while he sat in the Hudson County jail in Kearny.

According to reports, the man was charged for possession of over 25 pounds of marijuana with intent to distribute near a school and public property. The man was allegedly in possession of the drugs in an area that was within 500 feet of Laurel Court Park and within 1,000 feet of the Church of the Resurrection School. The man was also accused of being in possession of around 1.5 ounces of hashish and 10 grams of cocaine.

In addition to the drug possession charges, the man was handed charges for possession of drug paraphernalia and maintaining a drug manufacturing facility with more than 5 pounds of marijuana. The man has no prior criminal convictions, though he was arrested once in New York and one other time in New Jersey.

A person who has been accused of marijuana possession might want to speak to a criminal defense attorney about the details of their case. After looking into the search and seizure that led to a person's drug charges, an attorney may be able to advise the person about their options for a defense strategy. In some cases, mistakes that are made by authorities during a search and seizure can render the evidence inadmissible in court.

Source:, "Jersey City man charged with possessing 25 pounds of pot with intent to distribute," Michaelangelo Conte, April 6, 2015

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