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Police arrest men after allegedly observing a drug deal


According to officers with the Bayonne Police Department, two men were arrested after officers allegedly saw them conduct a heroin deal. The incident and arrests occurred on Feb. 5 around 10:23 p.m. in the area of West 18th Street and Broadway.

Investigators were already in the area conducting an investigation into narcotics sales. Detectives say that they witnessed a 58-year-old Bayonne man approach a 33-year-old Bayonne man. The 33-year-old was sitting in a car the detectives characterized as double-parked. Detectives say that they witnessed a drug deal go down between the two men. Following the alleged transaction, both men left, the 58-year-old on foot and the 33-year-old in the vehicle.

The officers reportedly split up in order to stop both men. They stopped the younger man's car and reportedly found 102 packets of heroin and $348 in cash. Other officers searched the 58-year-old man and reportedly found 36 packets of heroin and $70 in cash. Both men were arrested and are currently in custody on bail amounts set at $75,000 cash only. They each face charges of possession with intent to distribute, possession of heroin and possession within 500 feet of a park.

When people are charged with drug crimes, the potential penalties are more severe when the crime charged is possession with intent to distribute or drug trafficking than they are for simple possession. Those who are accused may want to seek advice from a criminal defense attorney who has experience in drug cases. An attorney who is practiced in defending against such cases may be able to identify defenses that might otherwise be missed. Defense attorneys might file motions challenging the stop of individuals as well as the subsequent search of their person or vehicles. They may also be able to negotiate a plea to a lesser offense.

Source:, "Two Bayonne men arrested on heroin charges: police," Jonathan Lin, Feb. 10, 2015

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