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Subway's Jared Fogle under investigation for child porn


New Jersey residents may no longer see the face of Jared Fogle in their local Subway stores after federal authorities raided his home on July 7. The raid reportedly occurred two months after the authorities charged the former director of his foundation with production and possession of child pornography.

The raid occurred at Fogle's home in Indiana. It appeared that a number of electronics were being removed from the home so that they could be analyzed in the evidence truck. Fogle's attorney stated that he was unaware of what the authorities were searching for and that his client had not been charged. Additionally, Fogle was cooperating with the authorities. The former director of Fogle's charitable foundation that was established to combat child obesity was reportedly facing seven counts of child pornography production and one count of possession.

The 37-year-old Fogle became the spokesperson for Subway in 2000 after he reportedly lost a large amount of weight while on a diet of Subway sandwiches. When the raid occurred, it was reported that both Fogle and Subway agreed to suspension of their business relationship.

Whenever a person is charged with a sex crime, the consequences can be severe even if the person is ultimately not found guilty. The accusation alone can cause those charged to lose their job and family. A defense attorney's strategy will depend in large part on what evidence the prosecution has. For example, if child porn is found on the accused person's computer, the attorney may potentially argue that the files were accidentally or unknowingly downloaded.

Source: FOX News, "Subway suspends relationship with pitchman Jared Fogle after raid at home", July 7, 2015

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