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New Jersey father and daughter facing drug charges


On June 18, a New Jersey father and daughter were taken into police custody after authorities recovered a number of different drugs during a search of their home. It was reported that more than $3,200 worth of narcotics were seized.

The home was located on Western Avenue in Hamilton. During the raid, the authorities reportedly recovered 108 Oxycodone pilles, worth about $3,200, 17 suboxone pills, worth about $170, 17 grams of marijuana and two Vicodin pills. Additionally, a Ford Explorer was also sized by the authorities. The 43-year-old father was taken into custody. When the 18-year-old daughter returned home, she was also taken into custody.

Both were facing charges following the raid. The father was ultimately charged with drug possession and drug distribution. The daughter was charged with possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. Both had been released from jail when the incident was reported on June 22.

Those who have received drug charges may be facing serious consequences that could include incarceration, a loss of their jobs and a conviction on their criminal records. There are, however, several different defense strategies that can potentially be utilized by a criminal law attorney. One strategy would be to examine the events that resulted in a seizure of the drugs in question to determine whether there was a warrant that had been issued for the search. If there was no warrant, or if there is evidence that there was no probable cause to issue one, the possibility remains that the drugs that were seized would be inadmissible as evidence during the trial.

Source:, "Father, daughter arrested in county drug raid on Hamilton home", Keith Brown, June 22, 2015

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