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2 New Jersey men arrested on tax evasion charges


The New Jersey Attorney General's Office has accused two men of a string of crimes including identity theft, tax evasion and workers' compensation fraud. The men, ages 34 and 33, were arrested at their respective Trenton and Hamilton homes after a state grand jury indicted them.

They had been operating a construction company under the stolen identity of an out-of-state man, who was apparently unaware of their use of his name. With this stolen name, they had another person, unnamed in the indictment, make false statements on paperwork in order to avoid payroll taxes and insurance costs.

The acting New Jersey attorney general said that the men reported false numbers for their payroll and lied on insurance paperwork to save about $350,000 in workers' compensation liabilities. The state further accuses the two men of not filing income taxes in 2010 and 2011. They allegedly now owe New Jersey $250,385 in taxes, fees and interest. Authorities are holding the two men in Mercer County jail.

People accused of fraud and other forms of white-collar crime could face prison sentences and the prospect of paying high fines along with making monetary restitution of allegedly stolen funds. An attorney might be able to help a person in that situation learn about his or her rights and manage the consequences. Detailed documents and records often form the evidence against the person, and an attorney familiar with fraud cases might be able assess how strong the evidence is. A defense that challenges the evidence wherever possible could help reduce charges and gain a lenient sentence.

Source:, "Mercer construction company owners accused of identity theft, tax evasion, insurance fraud," Keith Brown, March 16, 2015

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