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New Jersey authorities take 36 into custody for drug rings


New Jersey authorities reported on April 29 that 36 people who were accused of being involved in two separate drug trafficking rings had been taken into custody. Authorities stated that the two rings were importing at least $300,000 of heroin into Ocean County every week.

The investigations were dubbed Operation Sin City and Operation Broken Rule. In Operation Sin City, authorities reportedly discovered the alleged locations where a 32-year-old man was directing the preparation of heroin for sale. The authorities reportedly pulled over the vehicles that the accused man and two others were driving. All three were taken into custody and a large amount of heroin was allegedly found. In Operation Broken Rule, two individuals, a father and son, were taken into custody after they were charged with the importation of heroin for future distribution. The other accused individuals were taken into custody at a later time.

In addition to seizing a large of heroin, authorities also reportedly seized multiple guns and at least 12 vehicles. The report noted that the investigation was still ongoing when news of the accused individuals was released. Authorities were expecting to take additional individuals into custody and it was not known if charges had been filed.

Those who are facing drug charges may potentially be facing serious consequences that could include lengthy incarceration and steep fines. In some cases, a criminal defense attorney may choose to enter into an agreement with the prosecutor that would entail a client who has been so charged to enter a plea of guilty to a lesser offense in exchange for the withdrawal of more serious charges.

Source: NJ, "Cops bust $300K per week heroin ring, charge 36, Ocean prosecutor says", Ashley Peskoe, 04/29/2015

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