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Can I Go on Vacation While on Probation in NJ?


A conviction can result in a wide variety of punishments, including probation. There are several conditions a person must follow when sentenced to probation, such as travel restrictions.

So, what happens when the family plans to take a trip to another state or country? If you are on probation in New Jersey, are you allowed to join your loved ones on vacation?

The answer is that you must obtain special permission from your probation officer or the court to leave New Jersey. This request needs to be made at least two weeks before the planned trip.

Remember, if you haven’t served the first two months of your probation yet, you cannot request to leave until that period is over. You could only travel for work purposes after your probation officer approves.

If you take a trip with your family without obtaining permission, this is considered a probation violation for fleeing the state. The court could either add new conditions to your probation, extend your probation period, or terminate your probation and resentence you for your original charges, which can mean serving jail or prison time.

If you have been on probation for over two months and wish to go on a trip with your loved ones, our legal team atthe  Law Offices of Joseph R. Donahue, LLC can help you convince the court or your probation officer to grand your wish. For more information, contact us at (201) 574-7919 and request a free case evaluation today.

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