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Common DUI Myths, Explained


After an enjoyable night out spent enjoying a drink or two, you may have found yourself wondering how you can “sober up” and make yourself less drunk without waiting it out. Despite various misconceptions about drinking and how you can get alcohol out of your system, the truth remains the same. If you have been pulled over on suspected DUI, everything you do from that moment forward will determine your future. This is why it is crucial you don’t make grave errors in front of police and prevent running the risk of being charged with DUI.

The following are some of the most common and erroneous DUI myths, explained:

  • Using breath spray will not lower your blood alcohol content--quite the opposite. Breath spray contains alcohol as well as other ingredients which work against what you are trying to accomplish. Additionally, law enforcement will likely realize you are trying to cover up your breath.
  • Waiting will lower your BAC but it will take longer than the time you have. Just a few minutes is not enough time, as you will likely wait upwards of an hour before you see any changes. It may even climb higher as time goes on. Eating does not affect your BAC at all.
  • Resisting the police will do nothing except implicate you as you want them on your side. This means being courteous and obliging to anything they ask of you as your hostility may escalate the situation into something worse. Refusing to take any tests may result in driver’s license suspension, as well as grounds to arrest you.
  • You cannot successfully survive this time without a reliable legal team’s guidance or counsel, despite what you have heard. Without a comprehensive legal team to advocate for you, your DUI charge will quickly become a conviction.

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