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Case Results

  • Complete Acquittal for Physician Accused of Sexual Misconduct
    Not guilty verdict in Bergen County Superior Court jury trial obtained on behalf of a physician charged with sexual assault of a minor. Successfully challenged the credibility of the alleged victim and used video of client's statement to police to demonstrate lack of any criminal intent on his part.
  • Complete Acquittal at Jury Trial of Client Accused of Possession of over 1,000 Kilograms of Cocaine and Marijuana
    One of the largest drug seizures by the New Jersey State Police. Successfully challenged testimony of New Jersey State Troopers attempting to convict client of charges that would result in 10 to 20 years in jail.
  • Complete Acquittal for Bar Patron Accused of Aggravated Assault

    Acquittal in Passaic County Superior Court jury trial obtained on behalf of a patron of a bar charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Successfully challenged identification of bar bouncer and the findings of the treating neurosurgeon.

  • Complete Acquittal for Client Charged as a Third Time DWI Offender
    Complete acquittal in Municipal Court bench trial obtained on behalf of a client charged with his third DWI. Successfully challenged the field sobriety tests and the Alcotest results by utilizing expert testimony and by challenging flawed police procedure. Client avoided the mandatory 180 day jail sentence and the mandatory 10 year loss of license required under New Jersey law.
  • Termination of Federal Criminal Investigation
    Successful in convincing United States Attorney's Office to decline criminal prosecution of the president of a construction company under investigation for alleged abuse of United States Government contracting set-aside program for disabled veterans.
  • Reduced Sentence Granted Due to Effect on Family Members
    Substantial reduction in sentence granted to client in United States District Court extortion case based on showing of potential damage to his young daughter's emotional health due to prolonged separation from her father. Presented testimony from treating counselor to persuade Court to grant downward variance.
  • Overturning of DWI Conviction and Dismissal of All Charges
    Successful appeal in Superior Court Criminal Division of prior counsel's denial of motion to suppress police stop in a DWI case. Argued successfully that police video recording proved no basis to stop client's vehicle despite police officer's testimony of a motor vehicle violation. All charges including DWI charge dismissed.
  • Dismissal of DWI Charge Based on Proof of Police Misconduct
    Successful appeal at the Superior Court Law Division on constitutional law grounds of denial of motion to suppress all evidence in DWI case where police entered client's home to secure him and subject him to field tests without a search warrant or exigent circumstances. All charges including DWI charge dismissed.
  • Acquittal for Executive Falsely Accused of Shoplifting
    Not guilty verdict after trial on a Paramus Municipal Court shoplifting case at an upscale grocery store against executive of major corporation. Persuaded Court that failure to charge for item was fault of inattentive store employee.
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