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New Jersey doctors charged with bribery for referring patients


Doctors try their best to provide patients with all the best care. Sometimes giving them the best care means referring the patient to another physician or clinic who is better equipped or more knowledgeable about their unique diagnosis. Most doctors care deeply for their patients and want to see them get better as soon as possible.

After caring for patients for years, 13 doctors and one nurse practitioner in New Jersey were arrested for alleged bribery. The federal authorities are accusing the health care workers of accepting money for referring patients to specific testing centers. The investigation is still ongoing and the amount of money they allegedly accepted is not yet known. Officials are not saying what prompted the investigation.

Targeting high profile members of the community such as doctors, who rely on medical licenses to do their job, can be a way government officials try to set an example for others in the community on the consequences of certain actions. Not only can a conviction of such charges damage reputations but it can ruin a medical professional's career.

Sadly, because of the severity of allegations such as bribery, news outlets are often quick to pick up the story and government officials are quick to accuse suspects and tarnish their name before they can receive a fair trial. The publicity can have repercussions to someone's professional life even if they are innocent. Seeking help from an experienced defense attorney can help minimize damage to your reputation and make sure your rights are preserved.

Source: "14 N.J. physicians charged in bribery scheme to direct patients to Orange radiology facility," Bob Considine, Dec. 14, 2011

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