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Seven New Jersey residents arrested for alleged role in drug ring


Drug charges are serious and can lead to serious consequences. But first-time criminal offenders in New Jersey also have the option of applying for a diversion program. These types of programs allow first-time offenders to be put on probation. When the probationary period is over and the offender has completed the program, the charges are dismissed.

But those arrested for drug crimes do not always have the option of applying for diversion programs. The penalties can be severe and include a lengthy prison sentence, depending on the circumstances. That may be the case for seven people who were recently arrested in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

Earlier this month, a federal investigation came to a close after the local police department and the DEA arrested seven individuals suspected of drug distribution. For the two months prior to the drug sting, law enforcement suspected that these individuals had been trafficking drugs throughout the state.

Apparently agents also seized a number of items connected to the alleged drug trafficking ring. According to the news article, thousands of dollars in cash and several vehicles were taken from the residence. But police were more concerned with the nearly 250 grams of drugs that were also found.

As a result, one individual was charged with leading the entire drug distribution ring in addition to several other drug-related charges. Others who were purportedly involved faced similar charges such as possession of a dangerous substance and intent to distribute said substances.

It is likely that these individuals will be aggressively prosecuted. In this situation, taking steps to protect one's future can help reduce the impact a severe penalty can have.

Source: NJ Today, "Seven Arrested In Connection With Multi-State Drug Distribution Network," Dec. 2, 2011

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