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New Jersey DUI offense can cost you big time


According to a report by Fox Business, New Jersey did not make the list of states with the most driving under the influence offenders. It wasn't even in the top 20. Although it doesn't rank high in the number of DUI offenders, it can still cost you dearly in New Jersey.

Not including fines and maybe time in jail, a DUI on your driving record can increase your insurance costs drastically. It could cost you an additional $1,000 to insure your vehicle each year, for three years after the offense, just in insurance premiums.

Around the holidays, police typically increase their DUI patrols, resulting in more arrests. That's why it's especially important this time of year for you to be cautious. If you are pulled over by police, you may want to speak with an attorney, who can help you understand your rights.

On top of fines for the offense, a DUI on your driving record, and increased insurance premiums that could be as much as $3,000 more over three years in New Jersey, you could face harm to your reputation in your personal and professional life. If your job depends on your license, you could be fired from your job, or disciplined, resulting in a lack of pay.

A DUI on your record could also cause great embarrassment for you and your family. Because of the damage it can do to your reputation, it might be wise to consult with an experienced DUI attorney if you are ever accused of driving under the influence.

Source: Fox Business, "Top 20 Cities for Drunken Driving Offenders," Susan Ladika, Dec. 21, 2011

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