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New Jersey doctor charged with illegal sale of prescription drugs


Writing a prescription is something doctors do countless times each day, all over the world. It is an essential part of them treating their patients, many who suffer from tremendous pain. When accusations of wrong-doing arise, it is important for doctors to take such allegations seriously. Allegations of illegal prescription writing can have detrimental effects on a doctor's reputation and ability to practice medicine in the future.

One New Jersey doctor is facing a battle to preserve his reputation this week, after prosecutors charged him with illegal sale of prescription drugs. Authorities are accusing the doctor of writing prescriptions for Oxycodone, a pain medication, in exchange for money.

The doctor along with 12 other people were arrested, and charged with various prescription drug crimes. Authorities say they learned of the people involved in the alleged crime by searching pharmacy records, after investigators supposedly received a tip that the doctor was prescribing doses of the medication that were more than necessary.

Now, because of the severity of the charges, the doctor has ended up in the news, doing damage to his reputation even before he has a chance at a fair trial. Some things that might be determined through the legal process include: how much of the prescription is too much, if the sensitive information was legally obtained by authorities, and are the witnesses credible or just people who don't like the doctor.

A good criminal defense attorney could help build a case and gather information to preserve the doctor's innocence. Due to the sensitive nature of the alleged crime, the people charged with prescription drug crimes may need an attorney who can conduct their own investigation and that is knowledgeable in dealing with the media.

Source:, "Emerson doctor, 12 others, charged with distribution of Oxycodone," Kimberly Redmond, Dec. 21, 2011

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