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Covert camera found in high school shower, vice principal accused


The vice principal of a New Jersey middle school was arrested this week and accused of what prosecutors say is a crime that spanned years. The respected school official, who volunteered at the local high school, is accused of covertly installing a video camera in the high school boys' locker room shower to film boys, including some under the age of 16, while they showered.

Officials say they found video tapes in the man's house dating back to January 2008. The school notified parent's, who say they were shocked by the allegations. One of the high school football coaches he worked with said he was a man that everyone could be friends with. Now he faces allegations of criminal sexual misconduct, which could ruin his reputation even before he has a fair trial.

The man has served in schools since the 1990s, working as a coach, TV production teacher and vice principal at various schools. The man defeated cancer, is former military member, volunteers and is a husband and father. Now he faces a legal battle that will require expert help. These allegations should be taken very seriously and can harm a public figure's reputation and respect.

An experienced criminal defense attorney will be key in defeating the allegations of sexual misconduct. A good attorney will work with a client facing such accusations to conduct an independent investigation and provide evidence to prove their client is innocent. They will also help the client respond to the media and defend their reputation.

Source:, "Respected N.J. vice principal accused of videotaping boys in school shower: 'No one is perfect'," Dec. 28, 2011

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