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Former New Jersey firefighter charged with drug crimes


A former New Jersey firefighter was arrested Monday and is now facing some pretty serious charges. Police say they stopped the man after receiving a tip that he had participated in a drug deal.

These charges can be extremely damaging, even before a person receives a fair trial. Becausedrug charges in New Jersey are so severe, it is important that people understand their rights if they are ever charged or accused of crimes involving drugs.

The police are accusing the man of various crimes saying they found drugs and weapons, including guns and knives. They also say he had various radios and badges for emergency personnel in his car. Police say that he does not work for any of the departments for the badges or radios that they say he possessed.

According to the Asbury Park Press, the man was charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, and three counts each of possession of a weapon and unlawful possession of a weapon.

A criminal defense attorney can help someone in a similar situation ensure that their rights are preserved. By conducting an independent review of how the police behaved and whether any rights of the accused were violate, an attorney could get some charges dropped or penalties reduced. Preserving your personal reputation is also something to consider if you are charged with a crime. Because these cases often get a lot of media attention, it is important to talk with an attorney about minimizing exposure.

Source: Asbury Park Press, "Middletown man found with guns, knives and emergency responder equipment, police say," Dustin Racioppi, Jan. 2, 2012

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