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New Jersey man charged with impersonating officer, theft


A New Year's Eve traffic stop ended with two people being robbed and another person arrested for impersonating a police officer. Police claim a New Jersey man impersonated a police officer and robbed two men on New Year's Eve. This unusual crime happened on Route 3 in Secaucus.

Lyndhurst police say the man was arrested last week and charged with impersonating an officer and third-degree theft, after allegedly pulling over two men using his Honda Civic, and conducting a pat-down search before stealing numerous items and fleeing the area. The men never asked if the man was a cop, and never asked for identification.

The passengers said they had been pulled over by the man because they were speeding. They accused the man of taking a cell phone and a wallet, then telling them he was going to run a search on the vehicle with his computer in the car. He allegedly then fled the scene with the men's items. Police are advising people to ask for identification if they are pulled over by a non-uniformed officer.

The accusation of impersonating an officer is a highly unusual crime but still very serious. It would be wise for the man accused of this crime to seek out a good criminal defense attorney. Building a solid case to maintain your innocence is something an attorney can help with. A New Jersey criminal defense attorney can help you build your case, conduct an independent investigation and ensure your rights are preserved and your reputation protected, throughout the legal process.

Source:, "Jersey City man posing as cop pulls car over in Lyndhurst and robs two men inside," John Heinis, Jan. 6, 2012

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