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Pennsylvania police target drunk driving in national campaign


For two-and-a-half weeks in August through September, Pennsylvania drivers will be watched closely by local law enforcement. In an effort referred to as the "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over" campaign, local Pennsylvania police officers will be pulling over drivers who appear to be drunk driving.

This particular campaign is occurring across the nation. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration notes that thousands of people die each year in drunk driving accidents. And though the overall numbers are gradually getting lower, the NHTSA believes that more can be done to prevent fatal drunk driving accidents.

The Police Chief of a local township in Pennsylvania commented on some of the consequences that can result from a drunk driving accident. Often, drivers do not fully realize what can happen in the wake of a crash. There are the injuries that can result and medical expenses that come along with those injuries as well as emotional trauma from simply getting into an accident.

But a drunk driving conviction can lead to additional penalties beyond jail time and fines. In some instances, penalties can include a loss of driving privileges or having to undergo alcohol assessments and treatment. The driver may also find that a crash can lead to serious financial difficulties especially if the conviction affects job opportunities.

The "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over" campaign is intended to lower the rate of drunk driving accidents by getting impaired drivers off the roads. Law enforcement may have a greater presence during the weekends and evenings, time periods that historically sees more alcohol-related accidents.

If you find yourself being charged with drunk driving, it is important to understand what penalties you could be facing. Speaking with someone who understands what options are available as a defense against drunk driving charges can help protect your future.

Source:, "Winslow police join nationwide crackdown on drunk driving," Joe Green, 18 July 2011

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