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New Jersey man arrested in connection with theft of Picasso art


In many situations, having prior criminal convictions can result in more severe penalties if the individual is charged with another crime. But for one New Jersey man, having no prior convictions made little difference when the judge decided to set his bail at $5 million.

When charged with a serious crime, it can be very beneficial to speak with someone about protecting your rights. A strategic criminal defense can make a difference and help to minimize the impact a criminal conviction can have on your life. The New Jersey man is soon going to find out just how his life will be impacted by the theft charges that have been brought against him.

There had been a lot of news around the police raid that occurred last week in New Jersey. Investigators believed that the man had stolen several pieces of expensive and famous artwork. The police raided the man's home and found several paintings in the apartment. The man was recently arrested on the West Coast in connection with another alleged art theft of a Picasso sketch.

Even though the man has no prior criminal history, the judge still set his bail at an incredible amount, higher than the bail of other, more violent suspects. But authorities are afraid that if the man is let out of jail until his next court appearance, local businesses will be put at risk.

But with the amount of publicity, the man's attorney is wondering whether the high bail was set because of public pressure. Is that fair? Should a man who did not physically hurt anyone have to pay a multi-million dollar bail?

Unfortunately, the painting theft charges are not the only criminal charges this man is facing. Earlier this year, he was arrested and charged with the theft of three expensive bottles of wine. Though there are no specific details about the type of sentence he could be given, the penalties are likely going to be severe if he is convicted.

Source: San Francisco Examiner online, "Alleged Picasso art thief's passport seized, bail set at $5 million," Mike Aldax, 15 July 2011

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