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Prison sentences for New Jersey men convicted of drug crimes


Being charged for drug crimes such as drug possession, drug manufacturing, and even drug trafficking can lead to serious penalties. Depending on the circumstances, consequences can range from a diversion program to many years in prison.

Six men are realizing just how severe the consequences can be when convicted of drug crimes. They had been under investigation starting in the fall of 2007. Nearly a year later, federal agents arrested the six men in connection with a drug smuggling ring. The men were just recently sentenced in a New Jersey county court.

It appears that detectives began investigating one of the men after a fatal shooting incident, soon discovering that he was involved in a drug trafficking ring in which the other five men were also involved. Apparently the men were bringing drugs from Texas into New Jersey; they were caught with a large amount of cocaine and arrested for their involvement in the transport of the drugs.

Investigators believe that the men were bringing cocaine into New Jersey from several different sources and then distributing the drugs in the state.

All six men pled guilty to the charges against them. Five of the men have already been sentenced, with penalties ranging from seven to fifteen years in the state prison. The sixth man, a former state correction officer, has yet to be sentenced. It appears that he was the leader of trafficking ring and could face more severe penalties for his role.

For anyone who has been charged with a crime, it is important to understand how the charges could affect future employment and opportunities. Investigators and prosecutors are often aggressive at seeking convictions. It can be beneficial to speak with someone who understands what options and strategies are available in order to help minimize the consequences.

Source: NJ Today online, "Five Men Sentenced For Roles In Narcotics Ring," 06 July 2011

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