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Local New Jersey bar raided after tip about underage drinking


Early this morning, New Brunswick police raided a bar near Rutgers University. New Jersey law enforcement has been focusing on cracking down on establishments that serve alcohol to minors. The program, called the College Initiative enforcement program, is trying to decrease the number of underage drinking violations throughout the state.

This recent raid led to criminal charges of underage drinking for several individuals. There is no information as to whether the individuals charged were students at the nearby University, but if they were the consequences could extend beyond the legal penalties if they are convicted.

Apparently police were tipped off that there were a number of minors in the bar being served alcohol. When the officers arrived at the bar, they found 23 individuals considered minors who were drinking. In addition to the underage drinking charges, several of the individuals were also found with fake IDs. It is unclear what types of penalties these 23 individuals may face.

A conviction for underage drinking could negatively impact these individuals' futures. It could make it more difficult for them to get into the school of their choice or, if they are already in college, could impact their opportunity to graduate. In addition, a criminal record can affect their opportunities to get the job of their dreams.

Some may wonder how the minors were served alcohol in the first place. Bars and other similar establishments are required to check identification to make sure that the patron is of legal drinking age. Police also charged two bartenders and the bar's bouncer with selling alcohol to minors. These three will also be facing certain penalties if they are convicted.

Source:, "New Brunswick bar near Rutgers University busted for serving to underage patrons," Tom Haydon, 13 July 2011

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