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Criminal charges filed against two for New Jersey drug possession


Two people were arrested this week after allegedly trying to pick up more than 30 pounds of marijuana. Both of them, from other states, now face criminal charges in New Jersey. Authorities say one of them tried to run from police.

These charges are extremely serious, and should not be taken lightly. The accused in this case could face years in prison if they are convicted. It is extremely important that the officials investigating the case don't overstep their authority and that the rights of the accused are preserved.

A rigorous criminal defense can help a person ensure their rights are protected and make sure the person is treated fairly throughout the court proceedings. Sometimes when criminal charges are filed, they might not be in line with the crime that the person is accused of. Authorities also sometimes do things or say things to the accused that are outside of the scope of their authority.

If an investigator breaks the law or violates the rights of the accused, certain evidence might not be admissible in New Jersey court or the criminal charges against the person accused might be dropped. Illegally obtaining evidence in a case would be unfair to the person accused.

When someone is facing potential prison time, it is important that the investigators do not violate their rights. A criminal defense attorney can help ensure that a person accused of a crime doesn't end up in prison because an authority figure illegally obtained evidence or didn't inform the accused of their rights.

Source: The Jersey Journal, "Narcotics officers say two arrested in Jersey City after accepting shipment of 30 pounds of marijuana," Michaelangelo Conte, March 6, 2012

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