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Etan Patz case raises many criminal defense concerns


One of the most famous missing children cases has sprung to life again this week. Police are now investigating whether this crime truly has ties to a New Jersey man, who allegedly has confessed to killing the young boy, Etan Patz, in 1979. While police are still investigating, and many facts about this latest case activity are still unknown to the public, it is important to look at this case from a criminal defense perspective.

A person suspected of such a serious crime, like homicide, would probably want to form a rigorous criminal defense. Although many reports have said this man has just been taken in for questioning, it is important that a person doesn't become implicated in a crime when they are just being talked to about a case. One thing that is unclear about the man that police have been talking with is whether he understands his rights or has spoken with an attorney.

When someone is arrested or even suspected of a crime, a criminal defense attorney can help the accused or suspected person understand their rights and make sure they don't say anything that might incriminate them. Before giving a confession to police, or when you might be subject to lengthy questioning or interrogations, it might be wise to speak with an attorney.

Sometimes people might feel coerced into making a confession that isn't actually true. It may also be stressful for a person to discuss a case that has been investigated for a long period of time and is very high profile.

Source: The Star-Ledger, "Maple Shade man confesses to kidnapping, strangling Etan Patz," May 24, 2012

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