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New Jersey teacher accused of more than 30 sex crimes


Being suspected of a sex crime such as sexual assault is serious. Even if charges aren't immediately filed, a person in this situation should understand the implications that even allegations can have.

But if police decide to investigate accusations of sexual assault, it can often lead to criminal charges. When charged with a crime, a person may find themselves dealing with the police, prosecutors and even angry acquaintances. One New Jersey teacher was recently charged with multiple sex offenses and is about to realize what consequences can accompany a criminal charge.

The man was accused of sexual assault and endangering children; he is facing a total of 33 criminal charges. According to the criminal complaint, the alleged assaults began more than 10 years ago and lasted for approximately 4 years. During that period of time, the man is suspected to have repeatedly assaulted at least 5 minors.

One of the alleged victims stepped forward earlier this year, accusing the man of sexually abusing him on a school trip. Prosecutors initially filed charges against him after the victim came forward, however the formal indictment occurred recently.

It is unclear what specific penalties the man could be facing. But given the number of charges against him as well as the types of crimes he is being accused of, he could be spending a lot of time in prison.

Anyone accused of a crime can take steps to minimize the impact a criminal conviction can have on their life. Speaking with an attorney who can best determine what steps to take to defend against such crimes can protect a person's future, both personally and professionally.

Source: The News of Cumberland County: "Lawrence Township teacher Hildreth indicted on 33 counts for sexual assault case involving children," Jason Laday, Nov. 7, 2011

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