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Alleged sexual assault leads to New Jersey man's arrest


A man was arrested last week after a woman alleged he kidnapped her and tried to sexually assault her. Sexual assault is often taken very seriously in New Jersey because of the nature of the crime, but also because of the severity of the allegations against the accused person. Because of how severe sexual crimes are taken by the court system, it is important for people accused of these crimes to understand their rights.

While many people automatically assume what is said in a news story is fact, most people don't realize that these stories are often reliant solely on police reports. These police reports can often hurt a person's reputation before they have the chance to defend themselves.

Reports are designed to help secure a conviction of the accused person, and often include points of view from the other person involved. They do little to help the public understand the accused person's point of view of the situation.

These crimes often can cause many issues in the accused person's life such as child custody, job consequences, and even living situations. Penalties can often be lengthy jail sentences and fines if the person is convicted.

Because of the severity of the penalties involved and the potential damage to a person's reputation if they are accused or convicted of sexual assault in New Jersey, it might be wise to speak with a criminal defense attorney should someone face this situation. They can inform the accused of their rights and help them gather evidence to support their defense.

Source: Patch, "Man Arrested Following Alleged Kidnapping on Rutgers Street," March 31, 2012

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