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Multiple people arrested in New Jersey town outside bar


What was to be a fun night, turned into a night of chaos in one New Jersey town. Police were called and multiple people were arrested outside of a New Jersey bar where crowds swelled to thousands of people. The incident occurred after an event was sold out at the local bar.

The crown quickly got out of hand and people were arrested. Many of them were charged with assault, although with all the chaos of the large crowd, they may have been mistaken for other people by the police.

When big crowds of people are involved in fights, many times police just try to separate people, and sometimes they arrest people who they think are involved in a situation, when they actually are just bystanders. When police are confused by a large crowd that gets out of hand, they may make arrests of people who have done nothing wrong.

Assaults outside of bars do happen sometimes, but because of the large crowd, police may have arrested the wrong people, as might have been the case at this New Jersey bar.

The event was poorly planned and failed to contain and control the crowd outside of the bar. This likely led to people getting upset after they had too much to drink. The overconsumption of alcohol may have also led to confusion in the crowd.

No matter what someone is arrested for, they may want to speak with a criminal defense attorney to make sure their rights aren't violated during an investigation.

Source: Patch, "Police Describe Night of Drugs, Biting, and Assaults on Police Officers," Shelley Emling, March 30, 2012

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