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Two people arrested for burglary in New Jersey


When someone is arrested, it is important they understand their rights. Police will often try to get information out of someone that they can then use against them in court. It is important to remember that you don't have to provide information to police that will help them convict you of a crime.

Two people in New Jersey were recently arrested for an alleged burglary. Police say they broke into an unoccupied home and stole jewelry and firearms. The news story reporting the crime indicated that one of the people is remaining in jail instead of paying cash bail.

When reading a news story, it is important to remember that usually the only source being used is the police report. Police reports are meant to be reports of how the authorities viewed the situation. This is a tool they will use to try to secure a conviction.

Many times, people who are arrested don't have the opportunity to tell their side of the story, so the public only sees the point of view of the police. This can have damaging effects on a person's reputation. Even if the person isn't convicted, their name has been put out in the media as being associated with a crime, even though it might not be correct.

Because everyone has the right to a fair trial, it is important to remember that people are presumed innocent in the criminal justice system. Speaking with an experienced criminal defense attorney can help ensure that your rights are preserved throughout the legal process.

Source: Shore News Today, "Pair arrested for burglary," R.J. Liberatore Jr., April 20, 2012

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